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Friday, 7 August 2015

Overview at Mesothelioma Cancer - What is Exposure to Asbestos in Meso

Mesothelioma: An overview of Exposure to Asbestos

Have you ever thought that why God has created deceases and illness? If not, then do contemplate upon it. The reason of the creation of the diseases and sickness was taken place after a couple of incidents which narrate that people started cursing the Angel of Death as he was assigned with the duty of constipating the souls of their loved ones at the time of their demise, resulting in their sudden death. Prior to this, what is a disease, what is head ache? What is tiredness? What is cancer, lung's failure, tuberculosis or any other ailment which could lead a person to its eternal life; all these questions were not familiar to the people. Precisely, the concept of death was there in the ancient times but its causes were not been created still. The Death Angel would just come to the person who's death was predestined and then would take his soul away to the heavens; if he is a scrupulous person, and if he would be an evil being then his soul is assigned to face all the throbbing and torturing in the hell. The people could not bear the pain of the loss of their beloveds and heart-brokenly started cursing Azrael, the Archangel of Death. Azreal then heartbroken and guilt ridden complained God against his duty and the cursing, and God liberated him from all the blames and created the causes of death in the forms of accidental death, natural death, homicide and suicide, through terminal illness, deadly accidents, massacres, plagues and so many other calamities.

A research finding states that approximately 61.6% casualty we have per year through the natural causes or ailments which is a considerable and alarming ratio of the entire 100% of deaths we have per annum. From the 61%, there is still a large proportion of those deceased people who have been passed away just by inflicting with the deadliest and silently killer disease i.e. cancer. Cancer is said to be one of those bug which are having silent symptoms which do not show up at the earlier stages, consequently, do not let the doctors or surgeons to recognize its identity in the first place but after getting itself rooted deeply in all the vital organs of the body by making its immunity system enough vulnerable to fight against it. Cancer can be of several types, in which some types are life taking, some are inevitable and some can be cured if recognized in the first place. Speaking of the severity of cancer’s type, then there is another nature of this devil malady which is termed as Mesothelioma, the noxious of all cancers subtypes which directly involves in the distortion and infliction of the mesothelioma cells mainly cause by the extensive exposure of asbestos for a long time period.

What is Exposure to Asbestos in Mesothelioma Cancer
Mesothelioma cancer is principally a syndrome of lungs, heart and abdominal cavity which is categorized in the scientific terminologies of pleural; the damaging of the covering membrane ot lining of the lungs, peritoneal; the infection of the sheath of the abdominal cavity that is the stomach, pancreas and both the intestines, and the pericardial; the infliction protective scabbard surrounds the heart. Mesothelioma is that malignant cancer which slowly and gradually shows its symptoms after 20 or 50 years of the exposure and inhaling to the asbestos fibers. The use of asbestos has been declined and banned from the developing and industrial sector a long time ago but still mesothelioma malignant cancer is still getting stronger and wide spread among the people in a steady manner. The oncologists and surgeons and the medical surgeons are seeking the remedies and cure of this cancer sort to make it curable through proper treatment options and therapies without disturbing it form the scratch and it is anticipated that in the future they are going to make some significant progress in understanding and treating this disease.


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